Business Process Outsourcing

If you have a completely operational business and you just need additional help with general tasks we can help you build your system, We have a massive knowledge in different CRM’s to help increase your B2C sales, manage your feedbacks, assist customers and turning your loss to sales.

Services we can offer to you:

Virtual/Administrative Assistance

We are a team of limitless idealistic professionals who strive every day to innovate and take initiative. If you need support to manage your errands, to make appointments for you, to help you carry out your daily tasks effectively and efficiently, you will be in good hands.

Services we can offer to you:

Website Creation And Development

Creativity is a powerful tool, and a well-designed website is another approach to pique a client's attention and gain their trust. By starting with website design, we plan, construct layouts, or even work on a brand new website or modifying an existing one.

Services we can offer to you:

Social Media Management

GeniusLiveOnline helps you build effective strategies and overseeing multiple social media accounts, keeping on top of finding new opportunities for marketing growth, and analyzing new trends because it provides great money-making opportunities – on the condition you manage your social channels in an organized, efficient way.

Services we can offer to you:

Smart Device Customer Support

With so many different devices, and so many different technologies, its hard sometimes to figure out how they work. We provide technical support plans for network setup, troubleshooting, Smart Devices, Smart TVs, etc. Just call us anytime there’s an issue and we’ll help you get it working. If not, we’ll even contact manufacture support to resolve on your behalf.